Friday, October 9, 2009

hot, hot, hot and roros

Thursday was a scorcher - almost record temperatures and no air conditioning.  Definitely not a good combination.  Our AC started going wacky yesterday - stopped getting cold and was delivering warm air into our nice cool house.  The house didn't stay cool long - within an hour or two, we were as hot inside as it was outside (almost).  It barely cooled off last night, so very little relief, even with the windows open - thank goodness for ceiling fans!  Today the house peeked at about 89 degrees - the boys were in diapers only, something I never usually do.  Had them out on the porch most of the day-it was cooler outside than it was inside for a while - then just miserable no matter where you were.  Plus, we were waiting on the AC repair guy, so it wasn't like we could hop in the car and go window shopping to cool off.  Joey was so sweaty, his hair was as wet as it usually is when he gets out of the tub, poor baby. 

AC dude finally shows up - the fan motor is burnt out...we can spend almost $400 to replace the motor, or $4300 to replace the unit.   Ummmm, what to do, what to do?  No brainer - put the new motor in!!!  Although he did say to start saving our pennies for a new unit, as ours is in sad shape.  Finally -- cool air, but it took about 5 hours for the house to get cool enough to be truly comfortable.  Ian and Joey were running high body temperatures from the extreme heat, and I was pretty wilted myself (I can't run around in just a diaper - I'd scare the neighbors!).  So off we go to dinner out (a rare treat), to give the house and the boys and I a chance to cool off.  

That was the not so good of my day -- the good was that the boys, although hot and sweaty, were really well behaved and in good moods all day.  Makes my job as a mom so much more fun when they are easy-going.  Ian was resistant to nap time, but I'm pretty sure he didn't like being hot and sticky and teething - can't really blame him.  After three rounds of hugs and back-patting, then screaming when I left the room, I ended up rocking him to sleep while he nursed.  He still fussed 40 minutes later when I put him in his bed, but calmed and went back to sleep. 

After nap, Ian decided to get into the "roros" (cheerios) while I was taking Joey to the potty -I heard the crinkling of the bag coming out of the box, and what sounded like rain as he dumped about half a box of cereal on the kitchen floor, then sat down in the midst of them and started munching away. Joey got done piddling, ran into the kitchen before I could stop him and joined the fun by slipping on the cheerio'd floor and falling on his *naked* heiney into the cheerios! Of course, like any good mama, the first thing I did was grab the camera (and tell Joey to put some clothes on - he went and got a t-shirt and put it on himself - inside out and backwards, no pants, then went and sat on more cheerios to pose for the camera)!!!   

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